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Welcome to shore

A safe space for teenagers worried about sexual behaviour

How can we help?

  • 100% anonymous
  • Backed by young people
  • Built by experts

Need to talk to someone?

100% anonymous • Expert help and advice

Worried about sexual thoughts or behaviour?

Are you worried about your own or someone else’s sexual thoughts, feelings or actions? We can help. Shore has anonymous advice and support to help you or someone you know manage worrying thoughts and learn more about living safely both online and offline. All our services are anonymous, which means you don’t have to say who you are.

What to do if…

Topic library

Our topic library is a safe space to help you learn about a range of topics, at your own pace, and get answers to questions that you might not feel comfortable asking friends, family or teachers.

Building a good life


Dealing with regrets about harmful sexual behaviour


Enthusiastic consent


Sex and the law


Managing difficult emotions


Information for parents and carers

We have a website for parents and carers covering topics such as how abuse happens, potential warning signs in adults and children, and how to keep children safe online.

Share your stories

Your stories can help people understand the issues that you and others are facing, and help them through their own challenges.

We’ll make sure that all the stories you share with us are kept completely anonymous – that means we won’t post any information that identifies you, such as your name.