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About Shore

Shore is part of The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity working to prevent all forms of child sexual abuse.

Shore was launched in 2023 to provide a safe and anonymous place for young people to get help and support. The aim of this website is to prevent harmful sexual behaviours among young people.

It’s for anyone who:

  • has questions about healthy sexual relationships
  • wants to change their own behaviour
  • is looking for reliable information to help them respond to someone else’s behaviour

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Launched in 1992 and named after its founder, Baroness Lucy Faithfull, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation works with adults, children and young people to make sure everyone has the information they need to keep children safe. Everything we do works towards a society where children are free from abuse and exploitation. We work with adults and young people, as well as professionals and policymakers, to help stop child sexual abuse.

Stop It Now! UK and Ireland helpline

Launched in 2022 by The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Stop It Now! UK and Ireland is a confidential website and helpline where anyone can get help and support for their concerns around child sexual abuse. Our aim is to stop child sexual abuse. In order to do this, we aim to support anyone who may be at risk of harming a child, and also their friends and family. We get calls from:

  • people worried about their own thoughts and behaviour, or someone else’s, including parents worried about a young person
  • professionals needing advice

Parents Protect

We also have a website for parents and carers looking for information and advice about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it. The website covers topics such as how abuse happens, potential warning signs in adults and children, and how to keep children safe online.

The Shore team are on hand and ready to help!

About the team

Our young people’s team comes from a range of career backgrounds, such as education, social work, probation service and healthcare. Thanks to our wide experience, we have the skills and knowledge to help support anyone who comes to us.

The team doesn’t only work on the Shore website – we’ve also supported lots of children and young people who have displayed harmful sexual behaviours, both online and offline. Through one-on-one work, we help children and young people to understand their harmful behaviour and the impact it has on themselves and others while supporting them to make good choices and live positive lives.

The Shore leadership team


Sian Meader

Head of Clinical Services

Sian has been at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation since 2018. She oversees the team’s work with young people, including management of the Shore website. Before she joined the Foundation, she worked with adults and young people in the probation and youth justice services.


Rachel Haynes

Senior Practitioner

Rachel manages our work with children under 12 and the Shore website. Before this, Rachel worked for the NHS, supporting children and young people with mental health difficulties.


Laura Nott

Education Project Lead

Laura looks at how schools deal with harmful sexual behaviour. She works with young people, parents and teachers to help everyone feel safer. She has previously worked with young people affected by domestic abuse, homelessness and food poverty.


Tracy Shonk

Senior Practitioner

Tracy has worked with The Lucy Faithfull Foundation since 2008, having previously worked in the National Probation Service. Tracy is responsible for running our Inform Young People programme, designed for young people who have become involved in harmful sexual behaviour online.

Contact the team

You can contact the team by sending an email to and the relevant team member will be back to you as soon as possible

If you are a young person looking for anonymous help