Other helpful organisations

If you or anyone else is in immediate danger, please contact 999 straight away. Don’t wait.

Parent’s Protect

A child sexual abuse awareness and prevention website for parents. The Parents Protect website was created by Stop It Now! UK and Ireland and The Lucy Faithfull Foundation to help parents and carers protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.

NHS Sexual Health Services

You can find a local young people’s sexual health service on the NHS website.

Children’s Law Centre

A charity based in Northern Ireland that works to protect children’s rights. They provide a free legal advice service and legal representation for children and young people. 

Scottish Child Law Centre

A Scottish charity that provides free legal advice on children’s rights and child law across Scotland. They provide confidential and impartial advice via telephone or email from a fully qualified solicitor.

Just for Kids Law

A UK charity who work with and for young people to ensure their legal rights are respected and promoted, and their voices heard and valued. They provide advocacy, legal support and advice for children and young people in the UK. This can include support with issues to do with criminal law, the care system, education, housing and immigration.

Coram Children’s Legal Centre

A charity who specialise in law and policy affecting children and young people. They support people across the UK with free legal information and advice on family and education law.


A free, confidential support helpline for anyone under 19 to discuss any issues they are going through.


A national charity dedicated to preventing suicide in young people, by promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. They have a confidential helpline for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts.

The Mix

Support for young people with any issues they might be facing, from mental health to sex and relationships. The site has an online community and confidential helpline and counselling service.