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How to build a good life

The Good Lives Model tells us that everyone needs to feel satisfied in a few different areas of their life to feel good. Take a look at our video to learn more about the Good Lives Model. You can also work through the information in more detail below.

How to deal with difficult emotions

Here are some ways you can try to manage your feelings.  It’s important to try a few out and see what works best for you. Everybody is different and different ways of coping will work better for some people than others. You can also work through the information in more detail below.

Understanding guilt and shame

If you’ve been involved in harmful sexual behaviour, you may be regretting it.

This could be because:

  • you know it’s wrong
  • it’s against the law

To find out more about the types of sexual behaviour that hurt other people, visit our page on harmful sexual behaviour.

What to do if you’re in trouble with the police

If your sexual behaviour means that the police have got involved, you probably have lots of questions:

  • What could happen to me?
  • How long will it take before I find out what the police are going to do?
  • Can anyone help me?

These questions are really common. Below, you’ll find information and advice to help you understand the police process so you know what to expect.