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What happens if I’m arrested?

As well as getting legal advice, you should have an adult there to support you. This could be a parent or a carer, a guardian or another family member. It could also be a professional you can trust, like a social worker. 

If you’ve been arrested for online sexual offences, the police will usually take your electronic devices (your phone, tablet or computer) to look for evidence. They might take the devices of other people you live with and check those too. 

To find out more about what counts as an online offence, look at our sex and the law page.

Sex and the law

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After you’re arrested, the police will decide whether to release you without charging you for a crime, or to charge you with a crime.

If you’re charged and released on bail, this means that you can leave the police station, but you must return at the date and time the police tell you to. 

You may be given bail conditions – this means there are rules you need to follow while you are on bail. These conditions will depend on what you got into trouble for, but they could include limits on your internet use or on where you can stay.

It’s really important that you follow your bail conditions and make sure you attend the police station when you need to, to avoid getting into more trouble.