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When it comes to sexual attraction, everyone’s experience is different. 

As we grow up, we start to develop sexual feelings and we try to understand them. 

You might find you feel confused or surprised by the sexual attractions you feel. Or you might not experience sexual attractions at all. 

Some people have these attractions from a young age but don’t know what they mean or how to talk about them. Others may only realise when they are adults who they’re attracted to. 

Many young people feel confused about their sexual identity and are unsure or worried about why they feel the way they do. 

We want to reassure you that if you’re confused, there are people you can talk to. You can talk to us on our email service to get anonymous, confidential support and advice. Or check out other helpful organisations where you can get support.

Are you struggling?

Our advisors can give you support and advice, and you don’t have to say who you are.

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