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What is sexual consent?

What is sexual consent?

Sexual consent is when you agree to any sexual activity. This can include touching, kissing or having sex with someone. 

It also includes sharing sexual photos and videos. We have information that can help if you’ve shared a nude, or been sent one.

Consent is more than just someone not saying no – they need to say yes and show that they want to be involved in the activity the whole time. It’s okay for people to change their mind at any time. 

You should only have sexual activity if:

  • you feel happy, comfortable and safe
  • everyone involved wants to

Who can give sexual consent?

The law says that sexual consent can happen when people who are over 16:

  • agree to any sexual activity by choice
  • are free and able to make that choice

This means when someone agrees to sexual activity and they:

  • don’t feel under pressure to say yes
  • completely understand what they’re agreeing to

To find out more about this, read our information about sex and the law.

To keep yourself and others safe, it’s really important to:

  • know how you feel about the sexual activity
  • make sure everyone involved is able to give consent 

Are you struggling?

Our advisors can give you support and advice, and you don’t have to say who you are.

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