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What is pornography?

What is pornography?

Pornography is any picture or video that shows sexual acts, or naked people, that people look at for sexual pleasure.

Or it can be a picture or video that describes these things, rather than showing them.

There’s a lot of pornography online, and some in books or magazines. People often call it porn.

It is designed for adults over 18 years old.  But it has become more common for young people to see or watch pornography online. Some young people look at it to try to learn about sex, explore who they’re attracted to and try masturbation.

It’s important to remember that even though something seems normal, that doesn’t mean it’s helpful or healthy. Pornography often shows sex that isn’t realistic, and this can be worrying, confusing or unpleasant. Also, using pornography can affect the way we think and how we act in different situations.

If you think that using pornography has had a bad effect on you, or if this page is upsetting or worrying you, then you should get some support. Talk to someone in your life who you trust or speak to us on our email service, for anonymous and confidential support and advice.

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