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What does the law mean for me?

What does the law mean for me?

Thinking about the law around sex might make you feel worried or scared. But it’s important you know what the law says about sexual activity and how it can protect you and others from harm.

Sex or sexual activity can include:

  • kissing
  • sexual touching
  • oral sex
  • anal sex
  • vaginal sex

These activities can happen between people of any gender.

The law isn’t there to punish young people for exploring sexual activities in a healthy and safe way. But there are some sexual behaviours that the police will be more concerned about.

Here are some examples:

  • if one person is much older than the other
  • if someone under 13 years old is involved – the law has extra protection for people under 13
  • if family members are involved in sexual activity with each other
  • if there is any use of threat, force, hassling, money or manipulation

If you or someone you know has done something illegal and you’re worried about what might happen, it’s important to talk to an adult you trust.

Not everyone who breaks the law gets a harsh punishment, and doing something illegal does not make someone a bad person.

Learning more about consent might also help you understand the law better.

What to do if… You’re in trouble with the police because of your harmful sexual behaviour

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