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What strengths do I have that will help me build my good life?

What strengths do I have that will help me build my good life?

Now, think about what strengths you have that will help you achieve your goals. Make a note of five things you’re good at or you’re proud of. 

Your strengths can help you achieve your goals. 

So, if you’re funny, that can help you make new friends. If you’re determined, that will help you keep working towards your goals even when it’s a struggle.

Let’s imagine you’re trying to make your own choices more often. So you’ve set yourself a goal of wearing your own style of clothes. But you’re worried what other people will think. 

List any times you remember when you felt worried about something but went ahead and did it anyway (because you’re determined), and you felt good about yourself afterwards.

We all have strengths, but sometimes it can be hard to recognise them. This is even more true if we’ve done something we’re ashamed of and feel bad about ourselves. 

If you’re finding it hard to come up with any strengths you have, why not ask a couple of people who know you well?

Remember what we learned earlier on this page. The Good Lives Model tells us that when people are enjoying good lives, they’re less likely to get into trouble or harm themselves or other people through sexual actions. 

So, knowing your strengths isn’t just about making yourself feel good (though that’s important). It’s also a really important part of building a good life. 

Remember, you have strengths and you can use them to help you build a good life.

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