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Why do young people look at pornography?

Why do young people look at pornography?

You or other young people might look at pornography for a range of reasons.

Here are some of them:

  • curiosity
  • wanting to experiment
  • learning about sex
  • pressure from other people your own age (peer pressure)
  • because other people do it
  • wanting to find out what you’re interested in
  • coming across it accidentally
  • feeling bored
  • looking for sexual pleasure
  • feeling confused about your sexual feelings
  • wanting to explore your sexual identity and who you’re attracted to
  • not having a sexual relationship but wanting to feel sexually aroused

There are a few reasons why young people use pornography to learn more about sex. They might do this because it’s:

  • available in lots of places
  • easy to get at
  • free
  • easier or less embarrassing than asking parents or teachers questions

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