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Building a good life

Building a good life

Find out about the Good Lives Model, to help you understand your behaviour and set goals for a good life.

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What is a Good Life and the Good Lives Model?


How have I been meeting my needs?


How can I set goals for a good life?


What strengths do I have that will help me build my good life?

Frequently asked questions

I am scared to tell my family about what has happened, can you help me?

We understand that you may be feeling nervous or scared to tell your family about what has happened. You may be worried about what they may say or how they might react.

Every family is different and we know that talking to your family about what has happened may not be simple. Having the support of a trusted adult is really important – they can be there to listen, talk and help you find the right help. Think about who you feel close to and trust – perhaps a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. Try to plan what you are going to say and pick a time where you will be able to talk to them calmly and privately, without being interrupted.

If you are struggling to think about who you can talk to or how to go about it, you can speak to us anonymously on our email service.

You can also read more about opening up to your family on the Young Minds website.

I’ve got into trouble for my sexual behaviour and now I’m worried about my future. Can you help me?

Living with uncertainty about the future can be stressful and scary. You are not alone – we are here to support you and guide you through this process. Young people who have got into trouble for their sexual behaviour can go on to live happy and successful lives, even if the police have been involved. Try not to think too far ahead, focus on the here and now and take one day at a time. If you are struggling, we have some simple strategies you could try to help you manage difficult emotions.

You can also get help or support with any worries you may have by using our email service anonymously. The person you’re contacting won’t know who you are. You can also contact other organisations who support young people who are struggling with their feelings.

I’ve got into trouble for my sexual behaviour, will I have to leave school?

If you have got into trouble for your sexual behaviour you may be feeling worried about what this means for you at school. What happens next will depend on your behaviour and your school’s policies. It is important that you, your parents or carers and the professionals at your school work together to make plans that keep everyone involved safe. You may not have to leave school, but the professionals at school may need to complete a risk assessment and a safety plan, which will look at how you and others in school can be kept safe.

You can use our email service anonymously to talk more about your situation or check out other helpful organisations page to find out where else you can get support.

Need urgent help?
If you or someone you know is in immediate danger or a crime has been committed, call 999 straight away. Do not wait. Non emergency help can be found on our I need help now page or you can chat to an expert anonymous online.