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How can we help you?

Do you have a question regarding the content on this site?

If you have any questions about the material on this website or you’d like us to cover other topics, please contact the team.

We understand that being online is important for children and young people.

It’s also important to feel in control of what happens in the digital world. Being online can be confusing, and you can encounter conflicting advice and information on sexual relationships through pornography, social media or other online sources.

Our website offers upfront and clear information on sex and the law to make sure you:

  • are well informed
  • feel supported
  • know where you can go for help if you have any concerns or questions

Our topic library, “What to do if…” advice pages and anonymous email service provide a confidential and safe space to help you learn about a range of topics, at your own pace, and get answers to questions that you might not feel comfortable asking friends, family or teachers.

Our aim is for all children and young people to feel informed about all aspects of sex and relationships, to prevent harm from happening to them or others.